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Packt - a Quick Start Guide to Node.Js

Packt - a Quick Start Guide to Node.Js-iLLiTERATE
English | Size: 1.12 GB
Category: Tutorial

Node.js is a lean, open-source, cross-platform jаvascript runtime environment for building robust and scalable network and desktop applications. This fast-paced video course will help you to get to grips with Node.js and its applications in no time.
Skillshare - Heroku using Node.JS

Skillshare - Heroku using Node JS-XCODE
English | Size: 748.99 MB
Category: Tutorial

Want to join the cloud hosting revolution? This class will take you step-by-step through deploying your first four NodeJS websites using Heroku. You will learn how to deploy code, use add-ons such as Redis, set config vars troubleshoot errors and more
Sitepoint.com - Creating a REST API with Node.js

Sitepoint.com - Creating a REST API with Node js-iNKiSO
English | Size: 263.11 MB
Category: Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to give third-party developers an easy way to hook into your platforms data, allowing you to see what cool new uses for it they come up with?