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Packt - C Programming for Beginners on Windows

Packt - C Programming for Beginners on Windows-iLLiTERATE
English | Size: 3.41 GB
Category: Tutorial

This course will help you to master the C programming language in no time with the help of step-by-step exercises and the instructor's 14 years of experience as a C developer.
Packt - a Quick Start Guide to Node.Js

Packt - a Quick Start Guide to Node.Js-iLLiTERATE
English | Size: 1.12 GB
Category: Tutorial

Node.js is a lean, open-source, cross-platform jаvascript runtime environment for building robust and scalable network and desktop applications. This fast-paced video course will help you to get to grips with Node.js and its applications in no time.
Apress - SQL Injection Attacks Protect Your System From Vulnerabilities

Apress - SQL Injection Attacks Protect Your System From Vulnerabilities-iLLiTERATE
English | Size: 259.22 MB
Category: Tutorial

Explore a preview version of SQL Injection Attacks: Protect Your System from Vulnerabilities right now.
This video takes you through everything you need to understand SQL injection and how to prepare for attacks as well as how to prevent them. It covers vulnerable website links, basic injection attacks, database and table name discovery, and data extraction. It's everything an ethical hacker needs to know about a SQL injection attack.


English | Size: 557.55 MB
Category: Tutorial
In this course, we would explore Amazon Cloud- Amazon Web Services. Learn all the available Management tools and services under catalog, and what we can do with each service provided with platform. This course covers wide range of AWS services with theoretical lectures and practical demonstration including-

Autoscaling, Cloudformation, Config, Cloudtrail, Managed Services, Opswork, Service Catalog, Systems Manager, etc.